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IntelliTurf started as a putting green company back in the late 1990's.  Over the past decade we have expanded and grown our offerings as the products available improved.  Today we are a diversified Artificial Turf company installing lawns, playground systems as well as golf surfaces for numerous market segments. 


Factors driving the growth of the Artificial Turf industry:

  • Product innovations delivering more realistic look and feel
  • Record number of municipalities imposing watering restrictions
  • Escalating costs of maintaining natural grass
  • Safety aspects of an engineered surface system
  • Environmental movement is sweeping the country


Statistics outlining market size of industries we serve:

  • The golf industry is $25 billion industry with over 26,000,000 players in the U.S.
  • 17.3 million apartments in the U.S. (many need a new playground or amenity)
  • Landscaping is a $70 billion industry


These three statistics are the core of our business.  Take a minute and think about just how large these markets are.  Add churches, schools, commercial properties and private residences to the mix and we feel you will begin to understand the size of the Artificial Turf marketplace.


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