Lead Free and 100% Recyclable

IntelliTurf, Inc. looks to stay ahead of other synthetic turf products by offering the “green” products that consumers are demanding.  Being able to showcase a lead free and 100% recyclable turf product which requires no water or fertilizer only reinforces the strength of the IntelliTurf brand.

The ability for our products to be used in almost all applications without having a single concern about the safety of children, pets or anyone using the turf places IntelliTurf at the front of the line when it comes to synthetic turf products.  When it comes to child safety being heavy metal free and having the ASTM 1292 endorsement (a fall impact test for playground surfaces) is more than important. We don’t feel there will be much argument or concern about the safety of our products.

Although there has been concern of lead levels in the Nylon Turf of the past, there has not been a single case of lead poisoning being linked to playing on Artificial Turf.  Our biggest hurdle is to let people know our synthetic turf isn’t the same Nylon from the past.  Our use of polyethylene and polypropylene to create lawns and golf greens which are 100% recyclable results in a vastly different in look, feel and construction from the Nylon field products of the 1960’s.