Artificial Turf Franchise Benefits
What is Franchising?
A method of distributing products or services.
How big is Franchising?
Franchising today houses over 11,000,000 jobs or just over 8% or the private sector work force in the United States and includes over 900,000 business locations. The total impact of Franchising is even greater with with 21,000,000 jobs or about 15.3% of the private sector work force in the U.S.
Here are some reasons to join a franchise organization:
How do franchises differ from other business systems?
How is IntelliTurf different from most other franchise systems?
  • Low overhead
  • No expiring inventory like a food franchise
  • No rent- can be operated from home or existing business
  • Low inventory- Project based business that incurs expenses upon the completion of a sale
  • Flexible Hours- This is not a retail business, you set the hours and times you work.
  • We sell fun- amenities that enhance lives and property
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IntelliTurf News

Synthetic Grass make the best Playgrounds

Synthetic grass has become the surface of choice for many playgrounds around the country and IntelliTurf has installed our playground surface system for homes, churches, schools, day care facilities and public parks.